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What are the Duties of Trained Security Guards in an Indian School?

In today’s rapidly evolving world, schools grapple with heightened security apprehensions. The increased concerns about security stem from various factors such as the rise in school shootings, acts of violence, cyber threats, natural disasters, and other potential risks. Trained security guards play a vital role in ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment.

What are the duties of trained security guards in a school?

Let’s understand the key duties and responsibilities that make security guards an indispensable part of the school community from Miraz Securitas, the leading security service provider for private and international schools in Delhi, Gurgaon, and NOIDA.

1. Takes care of Students and Staff

Safeguarding students and staff members is the paramount duty of a school’s security officer, serving as the frontline guardian of the school’s safety. Their role involves shielding the school community from potential hazards and threats.

This encompasses being vigilant for any suspicious individuals attempting to enter the school premises, assisting young students in safely crossing roads and boarding buses (particularly in elementary schools), ensuring orderly traffic flow within corridors, and intervening in student conflicts on campus.

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2. Prevents violent activities inside the school

Trained school security guards play a crucial role in preventing violent incidents like bullying and fighting within Indian schools, maintaining a secure environment and fostering a culture of safety and respect. Through proactive vigilance and immediate intervention, they deter conflicts and ensure the overall well-being of students, contributing to a conducive learning atmosphere.

3. Quickly respond to emergency situations

Security guards in schools are highly prepared to respond swiftly to emergencies like fires, accidents, or medical crises. They work closely with local authorities and school staff to ensure an organized response. School emergencies can range from fights and fires to injuries or active shooter situations.

Students and staff look to security guards as their initial point of authority in such cases, relying on their excellent emergency response skills and knowledge of various protocols to act promptly. Responsibilities include ensuring a calm and efficient evacuation, and determining when to involve law enforcement, paramedics, or the fire department for additional support.

4. Prevents accidents and injuries

Trained security guards prevent accidents and ensure student safety by enforcing rules, monitoring the school grounds, and promptly addressing potential threats. Their mere presence develops a secure learning atmosphere, emphasizing the well-being of students.

They offer immediate assistance to students in the event of accidents or injuries, preventing minor incidents from escalating into more serious health concerns.

5. Efficient Management of Security Devices

Highly trained security professionals in Indian schools possess the expertise to effectively operate, manage, and respond to various safety and security devices, including security alarms, surveillance cameras, fire monitoring systems, and others.

Their presence on duty significantly enhances the school’s ability to utilize and interpret these devices optimally, allowing them to take appropriate actions to maintain safety and security within the school premises.

6. Manage Overcrowding and Control Traffic

Trained security guards strategically position themselves to direct traffic and ensure a smooth flow of vehicles during the morning drop-off and afternoon pickup. This helps prevent congestion and minimizes delays. They monitor the entrance and exit points of the school to prevent overcrowding, especially during peak hours.

7. Regular Monitoring

Regular monitoring of the school premises by security personnel is crucial to prevent potential threats. Security guards oversee the surroundings, looking for any suspicious activities or unauthorized individuals. They also manage surveillance cameras to maintain constant watchfulness. School security officers keep a close eye on campus behaviour, conducting regular patrols and reporting any concerning incidents promptly.

The duties and responsibilities of trained security guards in Indian schools extend far beyond simple surveillance. They are the guardians of safety, working diligently to create an environment where students can learn and thrive without fear.

Atul Mahajan