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Types of Security Guards in India

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In a world where safety and protection are paramount, the word “security” resonates deeply. In India, the domain of security guards is as diverse as the country itself, encompassing a variety of roles and responsibilities to ensure the safety and well-being of people and property. Let’s understand the types of security guards in India, from the leading private security company Miraz Securitas.

What are the types of security guards in India?

Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd explains the types of security guards in India. They are:

Government Contract Security Guards

When it comes to security, the government takes a proactive stance by hiring well-trained and armed security personnel. These guards are assigned the crucial duty of safeguarding public assets, government edifices, and vital installations.

Their main functions encompass upholding order, managing access, and ensuring adherence to regulations. Their principal obligation involves ensuring the protection of specific premises or facilities, such as legal establishments or military command centers. possess an untainted criminal record prior to recruitment.

In-house Security Guards

Have you ever noticed those vigilant individuals in uniforms protecting the entrances of corporate offices, residential complexes, and commercial buildings? Well, those are in-house security guards. They are directly employed by the organization they protect and are trained to understand the specific security needs of their workplace.

From checking IDs to monitoring CCTV feeds, they’re the knights in shining armor ensuring a safe environment. They work in various settings such as residential complexes, commercial buildings, corporate offices, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities.

Contract Security Guards

These guards are hired through security agencies by various entities like malls, schools, hospitals, and more. Unlike in-house guards, they’re not on the organization’s direct payroll but are brought in on a contract basis. They receive specialized training from their security agency and offer a range of services tailored to the client’s needs.

Let us explore the types of Private contract security guards in India:

Unarmed Security Guards

As the name implies, they do not carry guns and tackle crisis situations without using force. Their mere physical presence acts as a visible deterrent to potential troublemakers. They are trained to handle various situations using communication and conflict resolution skills.

They are responsible for monitoring, patrolling, regulating access, ensuring adherence to policies, managing crowds, conducting searches, and deterring criminal activity. Over 80% of global security personnel belong to this category.

Armed Security Guards

When an extra layer of protection is needed, armed guards step in. They are trained to handle firearms responsibly and are usually deployed in high-risk areas or for transporting valuable assets. A firearms certification is a must for armed security guards. They are usually former military or law enforcement personnel adept at handling firearms.


Ever seen celebrities accompanied by burly individuals in suits? Those are bodyguards or Personal Security Officers. They ensure protection through close surveillance, risk assessment, and swift response strategies. Typically, bodyguards possess specialized training in defensive tactics, often stemming from military or law enforcement backgrounds.

Video Surveillance Operators

With the rise of technology, these guards play a crucial role in monitoring CCTV cameras. They’re like digital eagles, keeping a keen eye on screens to spot any unusual activities. Private security companies provide training in video surveillance to their recruits prior to client deployment. Sustaining focus on multiple screens necessitates sharp observation and unwavering concentration.

Patrol Guards

Patrol guards move around designated areas, ensuring a constant presence and deterring criminal activity through their regular patrols. They monitor your home and office premises day and night, utilizing a dedicated vehicle. Mobile patrols follow set schedules and respond to emergencies. A security tagging system records their monitoring times.

Event Security Guards

Events, big or small, require specialized security to manage crowds and maintain order. Event security guards are adept at handling large gatherings and ensuring the safety of attendees.

So, the next time you see a security guard at work, remember that they’re not just individuals in uniforms – they’re dedicated professionals who play a vital role in keeping our lives safe and secure. Hats off to these modern-day heroes!

Atul Mahajan