Miraz securitas school security in India

How Safe is India’s School Security System-an Overview?

School should be a safe haven for both students and staff. It must provide a safe space where children can learn and play peacefully without worrying about crime and violence, bullying and harassment, natural and man-made disasters, construction hazards, etc.

Considering the fact that children spend a significant part of their childhood in schools, the ambiance must be positive, healthy, and happy so that children feel safe and secure.

With the ever-increasing cases of kidnapping, murder in broad daylight inside school premises, suicide due to emotional trauma, bomb threats, terror attacks, and even cyber threats, how safe are Indian schools today?

  • As you’ve read about frequent shootings in international schools overseas, you will be shocked to learn that gun violence also plagues Indian schools. A teenager killed the Principal of a school with a gun just because the Principal refused to accept the late submission of the project report.
  • The brutal murder of a primary school student by the bus conductor has left the entire nation in a state of shock.
  • In the past two years, many Indian schools have been the biggest targets of cyber threats.

These are just a few instances of the various incidents and accidents that our Indian schools have been facing. So how do we deal with such deadly situations?

Miraz Securitas, a leading housekeeping and security agency for schools and universities in India shares a few suggestions to enhance the school security system.

  • GPS facility for school buses: School buses have always made headlines for all the wrong reasons like kidnapping or accidents caused due to negligence of the bus driver, etc.  

A GPS tracking system installed on the buses will alert authorities on bus speed thereby preventing road mishaps. It will help parents and schools to track the exact location of the bus, and monitor drivers’ behaviour besides providing timely updates about the whereabouts and well-being of their children.

  • Surveillance camera inside schools: The installation of CCTV cameras at strategic locations across school premises helps schools to keep an eye on students. This helps them to protect them from being victims of bullying or any other form of physical or mental abuse.
  • Security Guard: Well-trained security guards must be appointed to prevent crime and violence, stop strangers from gaining unauthorized access to the school, and thus ensure the overall safety of the school.
  • Background Check: A thorough background verification of all staff must be conducted by the school management before hiring them.
  • Monitor visitors: A proper digital visitor management system with photo ID badges and sign-in information, as well as biometric security systems, will enable the school to keep track of attendance.
  • Natural Calamities like fire hazards and earthquakes can be tackled by taking safety precautions. The school must educate students about the safety procedures and plan a sound evacuation in advance.


These tips can help a school overcome the various security challenges they encounter daily and create a safe learning environment for all.

Atul Mahajan