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Common Mistakes that Can Put Indian Homes at Risk

Miraz Securitas, the leading security guard agency in India for residential and commercial establishments shares key home security tips.

Every home is unique in its manner. But if you like to decorate your abode and make it aesthetically beautiful, you must also plan for its security. Irrespective of where you live, you should address home security sooner or later.

However, as each house is different, you should take security measures wisely. When executing the procedures, several homeowners mostly make mistakes. This is why in this blog, Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd the top security company in Delhi, Gurugram, NOIDA and the rest of northern India shares common mistakes that people make which put their houses at risk.

Hiding keys outside

Several homeowners at times hide their house keys outside because of many reasons. It is a great way when someone is taking care of your house. But, like several people, if you hide your home key in obvious locations, it will be easy for burglars to find it and barge into your house. That is why you should not hide the key under the plant pot, door mats, and other expected areas.

Insufficient privacy fencing

As every home is unique, you need to plan the privacy fencing properly so that one can see the entryway from the road. It is critical as the main gateway is the most common entry point for miscreants. So, while planning the fencing, you should install a highly visible door to enhance home security.

Hide visible valuables

You need to protect the inside of your house. If you have expensive valuables, you should keep them out of sight or in a secret place. But several people mostly overlook this and put their homes at risk.

Plant the bushes wisely

Plants or bushes are good for homes. But they also put your house at risk if not planted and taken care of properly. Bushes and trees up against the side of your home provide cover like a privacy fence. Thus, avoid the mistake of having low-height and slow-growing shrubs.

Ladder access

Several homeowners mostly make the mistake of keeping the ladder outside their house. But it is the wrong way as it helps criminals to barge into your home. So, it is another error that you must avoid.

Avoid installing external lights

Several people install and turn on outdoor lights at night to keep their homes safe from criminals. But these lights form dense shadows that make perfect hiding spots for them. So, you must avoid this mistake and set up motion sensor lights to save your home from burglars.

Traveling posts

In an age of social media, many people post their travel schedules. It is one of the big blunders to make as it gives an insight into your details to the miscreants. So, refrain from posting such things on social media.

Alert system

Alert systems are quite effective if you install them properly. You need to set up a control pad where it is not visible from a first-floor window to safeguard your house.

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