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Things a Security Guard Must Carry in India

India’s leading Private Security Company Miraz Securitas Shares the insight

The job of a security guard is certainly not an easy one. And to do their job efficiently every security guard must have certain things at their disposal says Mr Mahajan.

After all, being adequately equipped lets the security guard act swiftly under any sort of circumstances.

Mr Atul Mahajan, Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd Delhi’s top security guard agency shares insights on the things a security guard must carry.


Clothing of a security guard is one of the most essential things that they must have. One such thing is high-visibility clothing. This is needed in an attempt to boost the security guard’s visibility firstly for his own safety and also to let know any possible criminal or miscreant that may plan to enter the premises.

Then boots too are an important part. Particularly, if one has to stand for long hours. Comfortable and supportive boots are a must-have for every security guard.


Even though flashlights are generally, oversized and heavy, they are vital to a Security Guard. Even if he is working during the day shift, a flashlight could be useful if he finds himself in a difficult scenario inside a dark room or premises.

Notepad and pen

Security guards require to keep notes in every posting hour. They have to keep in mind any aspect of a completed guard tour and the actions that happened and it is impossible to memorize each and every incident. So, security guards will require to use a notepad and a pen to note down reports about their everyday actions and any observations they may have.

Defense equipment

Security guards can use a wide array of equipment that assists them to defend themselves, like pepper sprays, batons, or guns. Defense equipment averts officers from criminal attacks and provides a means of keeping them secure. Whichever you opt, the defense equipment is an integral part of the security industry.

Two-way radio

Close protection officers or security guards working at events, office complexes, or in retail must always carry a two-way radio, which is crucial for communication with the control room or with other security guards. Even though it is a must for every individual working in the security industry, two-way communication is outdated when compared with today’s communications evolution and cloud-based innovative apps and systems.

Mobile phone

Although most of the time security guards use walkie-talkies. Mobile phones are vital for a quick call at any given time. You can store all the important contacts on speed dial for even quicker access.


A heavy-duty security belt is the conclusion of all the above-mentioned equipment for a security guard because it will carry all the security equipment safely in a place. In today’s time of security world, the security belt will be the guard’s primary priority in an attempt to be well prepared in his daily duties.

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