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Code of Conduct a Good Security Guard Follows

Being a security guard is certainly not a luxurious job to do. It needs plenty of discipline, determination, concentration, and above all doing so has to maintain a certain humane touch as well. And all these can only be achieved and maintained if every security guard follows and respect the certain code of conduct that is meant to be followed says Mr Mahajan.

Mr Atul Mahajan Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd Delhi’s top security guard company talks about some code of conduct that a good security guard follows.

Personal Appearance

·       Wear clothing, which is presentable and easily identifies the person as a security guard and is in complete accordance with the employer’s guidelines.

·       Wear his/her license on the outfit while on duty, having the photograph side

Professional attitude and skills

·       A security guard should greet each visitor to the premises/company in a courteous way.

·       Be polite, never discriminate or differentiate which is not on par with their duty.

·       Behave with complete integrity and understanding.

·       Use professional language.

·       Be fit and alert all the time.

·       Have knowledge of local authorities, services, and amenities.

General behavior

·       Never accept or entertain any sort of bribe or favors from any individual.

·       Should not indulge in any sort of intoxication while on duty.

·       Must never be biased towards anyone whosoever is visiting or leaving the premises.

·       Never carry or keep anything that may potentially be threatening to others.

·       Report every incident to the management and supervisors.

·       Co-operate with local law enforcement bodies all the time.

Organizational principles and standards

·       A security guard needs to make himself familiar with the employing premises/organizational standards.

·       Be insightful of company culture and core values.

Other factors

·       Look after your colleagues who are on duty with you.

·       Refrain from using mobile phones, unless there is a grave emergency.

Atul Mahajan