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Tips for Retail Security for Preventing any Loss and Infection in Your Store

The holiday or the festival seasons can be overwhelming for retailers, but shopping mall administration and security teams can stay in control by planning in advance and following best practices in retail security and crowd management, says Mr Mahajan.

This write-up by Mr Atul Mahajan, Founder, and Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd India’s top security services providers for retail and shopping malls share key tips for safeguarding people and merchandise.

Control the number of visitors in any given store at a specific time

Provided the current situation, retailers must consider having security guards deployed at their store entrance to implement health and safety measures and avert potential theft and crowds. Moreover, guards will be able to welcome visitors and act as customer service ambassadors, while your staff is able to tend to shoppers’ requirements in the store. Security guards may wish to utilize click counters to manage the desired capacity or take the cue from the shop managers when staff feels they have reached the capacity. For specific retail locations, you may wish to consider thermal fever detection cameras.

Think of using floorwalkers for preventing theft

Fights, commotion, or loud arguments amongst couples can be staged to make staff look away while a shoplifter is lifting merchandise. One method to avoid distraction thefts is to assign several retail security guards and staff to check different parts of the store. To prevent theft in usual, you may look to consider floor walkers (loss prevention guards dressed in civil attire). A floorwalker will let your staff focus on serving customers, while the person remains discreetly on the lookout. 

Look to plan displays from an anti-theft point of view

Be certain to display valuable and small products that have a high possibility for theft in a case or in an arena that is closely monitored and could be easily seen by the checkout staff. Expensive or rare items must not be displayed near exit routes.

Deploy guards at mall entrance 3 to 4 hours ahead of the opening

Due to the excitement and desire to snag big sales deals, verbal and physical conflicts could result before the shopping even starts. Moreover, the requirement to enforce social distancing and other health measures becomes critical. The presence of security guards could keep unruly people in check, and let for professionals to intervene in a dispute so that the situation never escalates and become risky for bystanders.

Each store’s caller ID must have the store name

If a store manager of staff needs to call security and is pulled away from the phone, security professionals will know which store they have to attend to immediately, thanks to the caller ID facility, the ID should also include the mall name.

Stay alert to label changes

Educate your staff member to make sure that the product scanned into the cash register software is the same product bought by the customer. Some thieves will take advantage of the shopping frenzy on a big sale day to swap the labels on specific products for a less expensive product.

Atul Mahajan