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Security Tips to Follow if You Have a Logistics Business

In the logistics business, security is vital to success. Business owners, warehouse operations managers, and loss prevention supervisors understand that preventing crime impactfully can save their business from financial losses and bring much-required peace of mind says Mr Mahajan. However, nowadays criminals are quick to adapt to altering security efforts, comfortably outsmarting warehouses and logistical facilities searching to defend their turf. To assist you, Mr Atul Mahajan, Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd India’s top security services provider for logistic business and warehouses shares tips to assist you to improve your logistic-based security.

The steps will instantly enhance the level of security for your organization looking to secure its assets.

Create boundaries for employees and others

It might seem obvious, but creating boundaries for your facility is important. Physical boundaries like walls and fences are great. There are latest technologies that create virtual boundaries as well (like Remote Guarding), decreasing the requirement for expensive physical barriers. It is essential to keep any barriers in good working condition and to post clear, visible signages that the area is restricted. Another good tactic is to limit travel to finite areas. For instance, try decreasing access from multiple entrances down to simply one. Also, taking the following small steps could lead to huge improvements in security:

·       Do not allow employees, vendors, visitors, or contractors to park directly against the facility.

·       Place dumpsters away from the building.

·       If feasible, create a separate trash area so that things cannot comfortably be removed by putting it in the dumpster.

·       It is too simple at several warehouses to remove merchandise without authorization. Certain studies indicate 1 out of 3 workers admit to having stolen something from their employer.

Use cameras and surveillance

One of the finest things logistics businesses can do is secure their premises with up-to-date, high-quality cameras. Remote guarding, for instance, will assist prevent unwanted or unauthorized entry to your premises without the requirement for installing fences, walls, or other huge barriers. Who is watching your security?  Additionally, to monitor external threats, interior cameras can also monitor your people and assets. Both interior and exterior cameras help in lowering frivolous lawsuits and decrease your general liability exposure.

Safeguard shipping and receiving docks

These places are specifically vulnerable as there is continuous activity taking place and might become simple access points for people who must not gain entry. Surveillance of these parts is critical as well.  However, there are still several things an organization can do to enhance security and prevent theft:

·       Make sure all roll doors are fitted having locks and alarms.

·       If a trailer is backed to the dock, use a dock lock to make sure the trailer cannot be comfortably moved.

·       Check for gaps amidst trucks and open dock doors.

·       Whenever possible, never leave full trailers on the lot overnight. If feasible, give access to restrooms for truck drivers that is on the exterior of your distribution facility. Also, rest and smoking areas for drivers must be outside.

Protect storage area

Adequately securing the storage areas in your facility could help prevent shrinkage, product loss, and accidents that might injure employees.

·       Make certain all paths of travel are properly marked

·       Implement safe work practices with your lumpers and lift operators

·       Be certain of proper stacking techniques are used every time and products are stored only on approved shelving.

Miraz Securitas has got a reputation for providing the finest of security services for several logistics and warehouse businesses that fall under the Govt, PSU, SME, and MSME organizations. Besides Miraz Securitas is the preferred choice for many Indian ports and dockyards for security-related services.

Atul Mahajan