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Secrets of a Good Celebrity Bodyguards

The personnel who protect the world’s top stars, VIPs have some trade secrets that keep them going on round the clock. Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd India’s top Bodyguards services providers to VIPs and celebrities is sharing some secrets of a good bodyguard.

Here are some fascinating insights about the tactics successful bodyguards use to protect the world’s most influential people.

What are the basic rules when protecting a VIP or a celebrity?

  • Be friendly but never ever familiar.
  • Be proactive and think prior.
  • Speak only when spoken to.
  • Pay attention to each detail: Turn on the vehicle 10 minutes before your client’s arrival and use the air conditioner to cool it down. The minor things count.
  • Your best weapon is your mind, followed by your mouth. Use them in that sequence and 90% of your problems vanish.
  • One needs to exist with a healthy paranoia pertaining to actions caught on video. Do NOT place yourself in a situation where a video could go viral. Just check some renowned celebrities in the past where they both of whom self-immolated during alcohol-fueled moments of a seriously flawed decision-making procedure. In both of those cases, that might never have occurred had a bodyguard been there to diffuse and downsize the incident.
  • Banging on the counter using your fist accomplishes little. We see it all the time, specifically with the B-grade clients and their “bodyguards”.

Miraz Securitas bodyguards do their best to work with others. Why be arrogant and turn people off when you can rather make an ally for the future? It is a paid-off for everyone on more than one occasion.

What sort of surveillance equipment do you use?

The key is to never repeat yourself. There are times where one will place highly overt cameras on a premise that even a 6-year-old could make note of. The opposition feels, “Wow, not at all professional!” which is exactly what we want them to do.

Thus, in the effort of avoiding the “obvious” ones they blunder into the covert alarms they cannot see, which is why any gap in the hedge has a motion sensor nearby and you can be certain the one branch that overhangs the fence has a thermal detection unit mere feet away.

What if a VIP or celebrity is stalked?

The key to detecting stalkers is strong counter-surveillance skills. Bear in mind that the men in the suits are only good to about 3 meters and all they see are hands and eyes. This is why they are the close protection part of the assignment. They do not have the time to look 50 meters up the road.

Also keep in mind that every bad guy requires to figure out how to attack, which as a result means he must be able to see the target in question. To see the target he should be able to be seen by the bodyguards. You cannot look the part of the crazy and not even get noticed, so they look to blend in.

Good bodyguards set up a system in plainclothes individuals in the crowd who are actively looking for this type of person. To do that well several times bodyguards set up a sophisticated set of camera traps, profiles, and funnels all made to clearly identify the hostile in question.

Atul Mahajan