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Key Types of Private Security Services in India

When one thinks of security services, people might feel that they are just those professionals who guard the specific premises with or without a weapon, to secure the overall vicinity. But Mr. Mahajan has to say, that is not the only case with the security services.

In this blog, Mr Atul Mahajan Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd India’s top company for providing security services and solutions across various sectors talks about types of private security services in India.

Here, they are.

Uniformed Security Officers

Several security companies provide uniformed officers that one can hire to deter burglary, theft, or vandalism. In fact, the uniformed security officers prevent any criminal activity that your property is prone to. In certain cases, companies might also look to hire armed uniformed security personnel in an attempt to provide a secured environment to people and staff.  Such instances include banks, jewellery or luxury showrooms, and occasions where people and products need extra security.

Concierge or Lobby Security

Your office’s lobby is the first place to make an impression on your visitors and clients. For this thing, your lobby might need a lobby security officer to make sure the safety of your guests. Trained security personnel respond faster to any signs of security violations. Miraz Securitas provides concierge and lobby security services across every business irrespective of its size and all surrounding areas. Miraz appointed officers are professional and completely trained to respond to any situation that might need quick action.

Temporary Security

There might be situations where you might need to hire a temporary security officer. Miraz Securitas provides this service where you can hire the services for a short duration-based event, renovation act, work on a development project, and other small projects. Miraz would help you with customized services to fit your needs.

Construction Security

Whenever there is development work or construction going on, there are several types of machinery sets that are parked in the construction zones. Miraz Securitas provides construction security to avoid theft of those pieces of machinery, as well as any kind of vandalism from construction workers or exterior forces. This service could be customized as per your requirements. It could be extended beyond business hours too if your business needs so.

Executive Protection

The top offices, CEOs, and executives of companies or corporates might need protection as they face plenty of threats and have numerous rivals. The security services at Miraz Securitas provide these business executives safety and protection from those dangerous and threatening scenarios.

Vehicles for Security Patrolling

Are you in need of a security patrol company for your office or residential complex? Miraz Securitas provides armed and unarmed, certified, and highly experienced security guards to drive security patrol vehicles 24/7/365. The vehicles also carry safety tools, emergency treatment kits, spotlights, jumper cables, walkie-talkies, and other equipment.

Security Services Consultation

If you are considering planning for security measures for your office, or any other property, you can approach Miraz Securitas for security consultation. The team at Miraz Securitas would provide you with the best advice that will ensure to protect your business, employees, and other properties in a completely secured manner.

Atul Mahajan