Fight COVID-19, Miraz Securitas Offers Indian Schools FYI Health POST, a Technology to Win the Battle Against COVID-19

In an effort to support Indian school’s fight against COVID-19 and to establish a healthier, safer learning environment for students once institutions reopen, Miraz Securitas presents FYI Health POST – a 24×7 automated, cloud-based, and mobile app supported – health check-in smart machine for teachers, students, staffs and visitors.

FYI Health Post, a first-of-its-kind ‘Made in India’ technology, offers an all-in-one solution for complete authentication, identification, and health indicator mapping of each person entering the premises.

Its Machine learning-enabled Smart Camera auto-detects if a person is wearing a mask or not, identifies the person through RFID or QR Code scanning, automatically scans the person’s temperature and he/she is further protected with contactless sanitisation.

All this information is collected at an exclusive centralized web dashboard that is accessible to the designated Health Admin of an institution. The health admin can immediately alert the authorities with a detailed report of any public health risk right at the gate and ensure very one entering the premises follow the COVID-19 safety protocols.

The 6-feet tall machine also has a 7-inch LCD display and an auto-refill mechanism for sanitiser reservoir with single button operated autofill and an auto cut mechanism for efficient usage. It dispenses up to 800 sprays and also has a single button operated autofill with an auto cut mechanism for efficient usage.

In the absence of physical classroom sessions or usual functioning of schools, FYIHealth POST offers the right technology, data, and most importantly, the confidence to resume our daily lives with much protection.

This is the true enabler for school administrations to identify all persons entering the premise through face detection, RFID or QR scanning and this information is made available through a secure health dashboard for swift action in the case of a vulnerable profile.

In the first few days after its launch, FYIHealth POST is serving some of the leading enterprises, hotels, factories, banks, and hospitals. Special packages and provisions have also been made to help institutions incorporate this must-have machine at the entrance point of their premises. Safety remains the only top priority.

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For further details on the commercial package, bulk, or any sized orders, institutes can reach out to us at– 7701801159

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