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Does Your Business Need A Security Guard Over A Watchman?

In India some traditional mindset still believes that to secure a small or middle business or a house or residential colony – all they need is a good watchman. By the dictionary, a watchman is a person who keeps watching on a property or in other words not trained or equipped or skilled to secure and protect property.

Due to the above-said mindset, we still see many housing complexes, shopping outlets still rely on a regular watchman instead of a well-trained security guard simply by not knowing the basic difference between a watchman and a security guard. And not knowing the differences brings the perils with it.

Small or large businesses are not immune to crimes that take place on their premises. Some businesses, such as general stores, retail outlets, and banks, are prime targets for theft, but in reality, any business can be the victim of illegal activity. Sporting events, festivals or any occasion where a big number of people gather are also subject to disorder and lawlessness, particularly when alcohol is present

Employing the aid of a reputable, licensed security agency can help offset the potential for loss and ensure people safety. But how does a business know when it should hire for such a service? What signs point to the need for protection?

In this article, Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of India’s leading security guard agency, Miraz Securitas, shares 5 pointers that can help you to understand if your business needs a security guard over a Watchman.

1. You Have Safety Concerns Regarding The Parking Lot:

Your staff or customers may feel unsafe walking to their cars at night, particularly if the parking lot is not well lit.

Their concerns are justified, as unattended parking lots can be a breeding ground for vandalism, theft, and muggings. A security guard patrolling parking lots can ensure the safety of people and property as compared to a Watchman.

2. You Are Facing Retail Theft And Shrinkage:

Some data suggest that a major percentage of theft related threat comes through your employees. Thus, any retail will practically benefit from the presence of a security guard over a mere Watchman. A well trained, a licensed security guard will take measures to limit liability and reduce shrinkage, saving the business money,

3. You Have Concern Over Safety Issues:

If you think you have one or two safety-related issues, in reality, you probably have dozens. Having someone expert in safety, who knows what to do and look for, who can choose apart what’s safe and unsafe and needs to be improved upon is very useful. A well-trained security guard would know how to handle the situation? Instead, of a Watchman who will barely wield a wooden stick at his disposal.

4. Your Safety Program Is Stretched Thin:

Security guards can help with a company’s safety program: Industrial or construction companies, for example, will often have a dedicated safety officer. In smaller businesses, that person could also be the foreman who puts the priority on performing his foreman duties rather than addressing safety issues. In circumstances like that, a security guard can serve the role of safety officer, sit in on safety meetings or chair the safety committee which an ordinary Watchman will not be able to perform.

5. You Have Building Traffic Concerns:

Businesses usually, that have a lot of people entering and exiting a building or premises can utilize security guards to monitor traffic, check people in and out and issuing out IDs or name tags. The physical presence of a professional, courteous security guard puts the public at ease and creates a safer environment that criminals will be less inclined to target. It also sends a message that you care about public safety and are taking measures to protect your customers or visitors. Whereas, a Watchman may perform only limited tasks.

Atul Mahajan