Miraz Suggests Effective Security Tips to Stop Thefts at Construction Sites

In many Indian businesses especially in real estate and manufacturing, theft of equipment and materials at the construction site is a growing problem. Each year losses from construction site thefts reach figures of hundreds of crores. The most common material that gets stolen is copper, vehicles, machinery parts, electric wires and others.

Even though many companies have security systems and security cameras – thefts couldn’t be controlled in most sits.

According to Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd (Northern India’s largest security guard company), says in order to protect a construction site, an organization needs to develop and execute a well-thought security strategy that incorporates excellent security audit of the site, implementations of right security measures in an effective way. In this article Mr. Atul shares some important security measures that real estate, manufacturing, and other businesses can implement to save goods and material worth crores, each year. These steps are:

Get a good security audit done for the site

Such an audit will check sensitive zone of the site, where criminals can enter, check the quality of fencing and boundary wall, check surrounding localities and do the crime record analysis (of the locality), check what kind of skills and arms every security guards should be equipped with and others. Remember a good security audit can be done only by an excellent security expert – someone like ex-defense personnel, leader of a reputed private security company.

Make you get good guards

After your security agency proposes you a good security audit for your site – make sure they deploy good security guards – who are well trained and hold arm license. Your security guard should be good at crowd handling, frisking labors, emergency situation handling.

Keep Your Jobsite Well Lit During off Hours

Thieves count on being able to remain inconspicuous. They like dark, unprotected job sites where they can get in and out undetected. Bear in mind that most construction site thefts are committed by employees or other people with enough access to the site to know their way around in the dark. Even if they think someone might be watching them, most thieves will seek out easier targets, especially employees.

Well trained supervisors

Make sure you deploy capable and talented supervisors and site managers. A good supervisor not only get things done but they also make every worker realize that the supervisor is aware of their activities; such understanding makes it difficult for workers to engage in questionable behaviors.

Schedule Supply Deliveries on an As-Needed Basis

Don’t keep an excess of supplies sitting around. Purchase what you need when you need it so it isn’t right there waiting to be stolen for weeks at a time. This will require good planning and communication between you and your people so your projects don’t become delayed.

Keep Good Records

Tighten up your inventory and make sure there is a paper trail that follows when supplies arrive onsite. Make sure you always have a paper trail that maps what happens to your supplies from the point of ordering to receiving, to implementing. Your employees and laborers will become more protective of things if they are held personally responsible.